‘A Search for Happiness’ children’s picture search story book and Colouring In Book Bundle


All the fun of happiness in a 2 book value bundle! Enjoy and share ideas in your family based on studies of what makes people happy. The bundle contains

Book 1: ‘A Search for Happiness’ Picture Book

Zob is a grumpy alien on a visit to earth. Can you help his new friends Jen and James show Zob how to find happiness by following the clues?

Studies link happiness or wellbeing with improved:

* relationships * health * creativity * productivity * optimism * success * problem solving *

This fun, rhyming story book shows children happiness ideas in action through images of positivity in the classroom, kindness in the playground, creative activities in the home and more, making the concepts easy to relate to and understand.

A beautiful, colourful and charming story picture book, Ideal for introducing ideas and conversations about wellbeing for families with children aged 3-8.

Children learn as they play

Inside you’ll find questions, happiness clues to spot, conversation prompts and reminders about every day small things that make a difference to life.

Younger children will love the rhyme (which also supports language and learning skills) whilst older ones will enjoy the hide-and-seek format.

Noticing the ‘good stuff’

Book 2: ‘A Search for Happiness’ colouring in activity book is ideal for reinforcing ideas and conversations about wellbeing.

Thoughtfully designed to include lots of opportunities to draw favourite hobbies, outdoors pursuits and happy times with friends and family so children can enjoy recalling the good times!

With fun characters from the book to colour in like the grumpy alien Zob, this activity book is the perfect gift for 4-8 year olds.

Help children notice positive moments from the day and incorporate your own families’ ideas and experiences into the story too!