Positivity Packed Picture Books for Little People

We could all do with a little more positivity in our lives, and we’re here to help.

Our entertaining activity books add fun to your day, packed with empowering, positive ideas, hidden for children to find within the pages of bright and engaging rhyming stories.

The first book in our series – ‘A Search for Happiness’ is a picture book for children aged approx. 4-8 that shares ideas from happiness, wellbeing and life fulfilment studies. An image of how the book may look is further down the page.

It has been thoughtfully designed for sharing between a child and their grown up, to foster connection and start conversations in families about what really matters.


Fun for Children and Great for Grown Ups

Our children’s interactive and colourful picture story books are designed for sharing, to support parents in helping children develop a lifelong love of books, whilst learning life skills and having fun reading. We use rhyme, puzzles, humour and open questions to make it EASY for parents, teachers and carers to help children:

* Have fun reading * Explore positive themes – like wellbeing, growth mindset and empathy * Talk about their thoughts, ideas and feelings * Enjoy the shared and connective experience of reading together *

FunFair Books and Designs ethos is to be a positive, purpose driven business. We want to support people and planet by making positive, hopeful ideas accessible through art, literature and creativity. 

We aim to do things differently, always looking to make our business model greener, kinder and fairer. We don’t do massive print runs in far flung countries with the inevitable impacts and wastage involved. We are proud to to support local small businesses and use the UK’s first carbon neutral data centre to host our website. We try to implement these best practices as far as possible:

* Short print runs – less waste * UK based printer – less transport * local suppliers * Recycled packaging * Book donations *

We Give as we Grow – FunFair Book Share

It feels good to give and our book share program brings more picture books to more children by getting donated books to communities that need them. To support the literacy and wellbeing of children, we’re teaming up with community service providers to provide fairer access to children’s books through donations of good quality second hand picture books for local families.

Find out what we’re up to over on social media at

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My Story

Hi, I’m Coral, a designer, and passionate about solving problems through business. FunFair came about when I wasn’t able to find resources about happiness and wellbeing in a format suitable for my children. By using images, rhyme and fun characters to translate ideas into a format kids will understand and enjoy, my aim is to raise awareness, start conversations and share positive messages that empower children, and bring a smile to parents’ faces at reading time too! Also currently piloting a picture book lending shelf in a Community Shop to support wellbeing through literacy.