A positive, purpose driven business

The principles of happiness are the building blocks of our business values – from generosity and acts of kindness to creative expression – we wear our heart on our sleeve. The goal is to transform positive, hopeful ideas and concepts into practical products that enrich people’s lives. 

Early years’ picture books

Our early year’s picture books are intended to educate, entertain and support literacy because reading brings with it wonderful benefits. Here are just a few:

* increased vocabulary * empowering knowledge * improved writing skills * reduces stress * improves memory and focus * improves wellbeing * supports creativity and imagination * boosts sleep *

And research tells us the earlier children are introduced to books, the more likely they are to be literate as adults.

Fairer access to picture books

The links between wellbeing and literacy are based in evidence, but National Literacy Trust research suggests approximately 1 in 8 children don’t own a single book and some children still struggle to read even as they access secondary school. We think all children deserve to be able to enjoy picture books.

Since the launch of our first book in autumn 2020, we’re proud to say we’ve provided as many books for free as we’ve sold* including a donation of 20 books to Devon based children’s services CIC Esteem Team. Our aim is to continue to provide fairer access to picture books, support literacy and share ideas to support children’s happiness and wellbeing and we are always looking at different ways to do so. e.g. by setting up a picture book lending library shelf for a rural community without a library.
(*based on sales Nov ’20 to Mar ’21)

A different approach

We aim to do things differently, always looking to make our business model greener, kinder and fairer. We don’t do massive print runs in far flung countries with the inevitable impacts and wastage involved. We are proud to support local small businesses and we try to implement these best practices as far as possible:

* Short print runs – less waste * UK based printer – less transport * local suppliers * Plastic free products * Recycled papers and packaging * Book donations * Community projects *

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